Headlamp Lens Restoration

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As marque specialists in DB7 repairs, we are beginning to see increasing numbers of DB7s with excessive deterioration to the hardened outer coating of the headlamp lenses. The flaking surface, as seen below, is due to external issues such as stones and other types of small road debris flicking up during use.

Additionally to wear and tear there is general weathering and sunlight discolouration causing haziness and yellowing. Furthermore, even simple cleaning mishaps may occur where it is possible that certain products can break down the original protection. Please note that in some cases your vehicle could fail its annual MOT inspection if the beam intensity is reduced to poor lens condition etc.

Headlamp replacement can be costly so therefore we now have a new innovative system for refinishing weathered, scratched and flaking plastic lenses. It removes the minor scratches and haziness from the outer plastic/perspex lens, therefore restoring headlamp beam intensity to near original manufacturer's specification.

In addition to this we have perfected and can now also offer two types of protective covering that can be applied once the lenses have been polished:

To further improve beam intensity we can fit Quartz Halogen Vision Plus bulbs. This upgrade will help you to see better at night thanks to 50% more light than a standard bulb, which therefore also gives a 10-20 metre longer beam.

For further assistance or details of additional Armour Fen paintwork protection packages and all other bodywork requirements please contact Chris or Steve in the Bodyshop.


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